Heart of Hope

Sponsored by Bright Magpie Charitable Foundation

About Us

Heart of Hope (HOH), is a nonprofit organization provides a place for kids with special needs to promote their social skills. Assisted by high school volunteers and their parents, we meet in the City of Diamond Bar every other Sunday from 2:30-4:30 P.M. It is our desire to help them spend their time with us surrounded by love and happiness.

The main activities consists of creative crafts, sports, and music class. Not only does sports help with muscle development, but also creates a positive attitude. Furthermore, our unique music lessons help promote a peace of mind and sharpen the members’ concentration. Lastly, our two concerts every year is the perfect chance for our members to build their confidence!

We hope to kindle the happiness in our members’ heart through genuine companionship and acceptance. This way we can contribute many joyous memories to their life!

Heart of Hope 心希望∼是ㄧ個針對特殊需要兒童而成立的非營利機構。由高中學生們所組成的義工團隊,利用每週日下午2:30-4:30的時間,在Diamond Bar High School 為特殊需要的孩子們設計了各種育教於樂的活動,陪伴他們渡過美好的午後時光!


Ms. Joanna Lo